What Lies West

One Summer. Two Girls. A Real Adventure.

The Story

We are all living in turmoil, and girls are still growing up. 

But summer is coming, and with it all the opportunity, freedom, possibility, and magic that still has the power to transform you by September to a person you didn't know you could be in June. 

WHAT LIES WEST is the story of two girls, one supposedly all grown up, who decide it is time for a real adventure.

When NICOLETTE graduates from college with plans to find her way into Hollywood, she takes a summer job babysitting CHLOE, a teenager whose endlessly working mother refuses to leave her unsupervised. As the girls bond, Chloe reveals her secret desire to embark on a true adventure, one that her mother can never know about, for which she very much needs an accomplice...

Shot in beautiful Sonoma County, the film is a showcase for the farms, fields, woodlands, and coast that still remains, even in troubled times, one of the most beautiful landscapes in the country. 

Ask yourself, how long has it been since you've taken a real adventure?